Monday, April 12, 2010

Elevation for the Commonwealth

Elevation or topography data is a key framework data layer in any spatial data infrastructure. The existing National Elevation Dataset (NED) for Virginia is too old and not precise enough. LiDAR data is the recommended way to update elevation data to modern standards.

VGIN has coordinated three projects this spring to collect LiDAR for over 3,233 sq miles of coastal Virginia according to the latest USGS National Map LiDAR specification (funding was provided by USGS, The Nature Conservancy and University of Virginia). The map shows these projects as well as some existing LiDAR data sets for coastal Virginia.

To help coordinate the development of better elevation data for Virginia, VGIN is forming an elevation working group, or Elevation Framework Initiative Action Team (FIAT). This group will:

  • Conduct an inventory of existing elevation datasets
  • Recommend elevation data standards and best practices
  • Promote coordination and collaboration on the development of new elevation datasets
  • Promote data sharing and incorporate elevation data in existing clearinghouses

If you are interested in serving on this working group please contact me, John Scrivani, on or before April 26th. To learn more about elevation efforts in Virginia you may want to look at my presentation to the VGIN Board from April 7th.

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