Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boundary Improvements along WV - VA State Line

Plaques commemorating boundary improvements along the Jefferson County West Virginia and Loudoun County Virginia state line have been presented to the Virginia and West Virginia State Commissions and the Jefferson and Loudoun County Commissions. Pictured is a presentation of the plaque installed in Leesburg. Loudoun County's GIS Manager Larry Stipek is pictured on the right.

Though the plaques were commemorated last week, the effort to survey and improve the boundary definition was completed and adopted by both state legislatures in 1997. The Leesburg Today recently covered the story with an article.

The indefinite nature of the West Virginia - Virginia state line, which mostly follows ridge lines of the Blue Ridge Mountains, generally does not get highlighted until issues of development arise (see previous blog post about the windfarm controversy in Highland County, VA). When the issue does arise, surveying is required and is challenged by historical descriptions going back 150 years or more to the political processes that created the boundaries.

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