Sunday, February 19, 2012

Virginia Base Mapping Program 2011 & 2009 orthos

The Virginia Geographic Information Network - VGIN - has just released its updated ortho imagery web services (ArcGIS Server) to contain the images from the VBMP 2011 spring flight.  For the first time, these web services are accessible to GIS users without restriction or cost.  At the October 2011 VGIN Advisory Board meeting, the Board endorsed this action to further the data's utilization and to make the data more pervasive (Note:  digital copies of the 2011 orthos still require purchasing).  The web service can be accessed by pointing ArcGIS desktop to this URL.

With the delivery of the VBMP 2011 orthos, VGIN is releasing into the "public domain" the orthos from the 2009 VBMP orthophotography acquisition. For the 2009 VBMP orthos, localities now can use their own data distribution policies (instead of VGIN's).  These orthos can also be requested through VGIN (fees may apply for media and processing time).