Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Imagery Map Service for 2009 November Nor'easter

The NOAA Remote Sensing Division has flown aerial photography for the area affected most by the recent Nor'easter. The images were acquired from a nominal altitude of 7,500 feet above ground level (AGL), using an Applanix Digital Sensor System (DSS) and have a pixel size of 0.5m.

At the suggestion of Brian Crumpler from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, VGIN has made this imagery available as an ArcGIS Server map service. The service is free and open to all, No login is required. Kudos to VGIN staffers Stephen Barbie and John Owens who got this up and running on very short notice.

You can connect in ArcCatalog using "Add ArcGIS Server" and for the “Server URL” enter http://gismaps.virginia.gov/arcgis2/services . Do not enter a username or password. After connecting you will see a folder called Storm_Damage. In that folder is the map service named “2009_11_StormDamage”. The map service uses the WGS84 coordinate system and is cached. The map in this post shows the extent of the imagery

The imagery can also be viewed in a web browser using this simple JavaScipt API

Happy viewing and let us know if you have any problems.

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  1. This is a very nice service because it is free and open to all. Thank you for sharing this. Good Luck.